• Features and Compilations

    • Below is an compilation album Undakova is featured on called Real Earth in 2006. This is one on the greatest honors Undakova has received. To be featured amongst various African Artist from all over Africa speaking their truths in native tongue at times and with powerful melodies, so many styles of music come out of this one album, so much originality and wonderful rhythmic music. Not a bad song on the whole album and still relevant to this day years later. Undakova really was blessed and fortunate to have had this experience in 2006 and it would forever change him. 

    • Undakova Tote Bag

    • I saw the documentary "Bag it" as well as worked on the beach for 2 years. Go to the market and no longer leave with plastic bags that only get trapped in our oceans. “Paper or Plastic?” You’ll say, “No, thanks”, when shopping with this environmentally friendly tote. Its wide bottom makes it great for groceries or larger items. Made from 12oz cotton twill, it has cotton-web handles which have stress-point reinforced stitching. Dimensions: 13"w x 15.5"h x 7"deep.

      ships out within 2 days

    • Undakova WATER TRAVELER

    • Drink more water. Your skin, hair, body, and mind will thank you. Dang, hydration never looked so good!

      Why toss out yet another plastic bottle, or let plastic chemicals leach into your water, when you could use a stylish, timeless UNDAKOVA SIGG bottle instead?

      Bottle size: 0.3L (6" tall x 2.6" diameter).
      100% BPA free (exceeds FDA requirements for nontoxic and non-leaching products).
      Reusable aluminum water boated is coated with metallic non-toxic paint and comes with the standard SIGG black screw top.
      No Weird Taste: Non-toxic baked-on inner-lining does not impart odors
      or tastes.
      Light-weight but Strong: Weighs no more than a plastic water bottle.
      Leak-proof: Seamless construction made from a single piece of pure aluminum.
      Cool Designs: SIGG bottles are as good to look at as they are to drink from. Baked on powder coat finish lasts for years. Quality designs are printed using the latest UV technology, and will not fade after washing.
      Recyclable: SIGG bottles are pure aluminum and recyclable when they finally require replacement.
      Hand wash only. Not recommended for dishwasher.
      ships out within 2 days


    • You are helping UNDAKOVA deliver positive music and song lyrics to the world daily. Cheers to making the world a better place.


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